CentriFuzion Records World Wide

CentriFuzion Records has been created by Cyberblade @ 2020-11-09 in Quebec, Montreal, Canada. It is a legal registered enterprise NEQ #

Numéro d'entreprise du Québec (NEQ)


Cyberblade aka Tim Vallee founded the enterprise because many artists world wide were asking to release techno musik under the music label Metabolizm Records but Metabolizm was invented to release PSytrance mUSIK ONLY... So I have decided to start a second (sister record label) 4 TECHNO musik WW...

The Centri Fuzion name was found around an outdoor fire place outside @ Metabolizm HQ (118 5e av, Sabrevois, QC, J0J 2G0, Canada) with 5 of my best collaborators... We have an a collaborative idea to name the label Centri Fuzion because Centri represent a the rotating force like when you watch the water turn in the toilet or the sink et when you dance and your turn around yourself you create a centrifuge force... Fuzion word means = all together!

So we kindly invite U ( THe world to dance with US all together 2 the best TECHNO musik we can provide.)

All Centri Fuzion Records Releases are official and fully protected by international copyrights laws like Sony or Warner Brother Pictures releases but even better protected because we have alliances with the worsts criminals world wide... Like the Hell Z AngelZ, YakuZa, Chinese mod, Italian Mob, WareZ, X-FORCE, Russian Mafia, ect.. I think U catch the ball...

CentriFuzion Records is a professional registered legal musik techno label enterprise World Wide and it is not only made to release Techno Musik but also to help humans evoluate in a new world in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. That is why we are also specialized in Nano-Technology, Nature integration into human organism, World Wide hacking of secrets and sharing of eveything, detroying the money system world wide so any humans can try to learn what is real love again and help each other and much more!

Here are our lastest releases in the TECHNO musik industry:


Here are some PDFs for your education on the WORLD dynamic those days... in 2022... This is highly confidential secret information stolen by me Cyberblade and I take full responsibility. Good reading. It is for human evolution... Cheers!

Centri Fuzion Records is always an constently fully supported by all of our World Wide partnerZ.. Thank you for your understanding.. Cheers!